IPod Donations

iPod donations:

Music, a huge part of our emotional lives, can take us away to other places and uplift us when we need it most. Many studies have shown,

Music is an integral part of our overall health and well being. It has a potent effect on our psyche.

Smartphones are taking the place of our old iPods, making them obsolete. If any of you have an old, working iPod and want to donate it to a homeless person, you can do so by sending them directly to,

Gene Pellegrene at P.O. Box 479304, Chicago, IL 60647

You can breathe new life into your former mp3 player and bring someone great joy. Please include the charging cord and any manuals. You can leave the songs on the devise or reset to factory settings, I will then reload the mp3 players with the recipients favorite songs or genre.


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