August 2015

August 30, 2015

I’m constantly thinking about how I can share my experience with the homeless with all of you. What can I say or do to get some of you to make a care bag for someone that would really appreciate it? I’ve gained so much perspective and feel you could benefit from these experiences just like I have. In the past, my life had narrowed down my perspective to just what impacted me. It happens to all of us. The “first world problems” made my life more stressful than what it had to be. I’ve said it a million times but ideally you have to get involved to broaden your perspective. I live by modest means, I hardly take vacations, I don’t spend my money on crazy things. One could say I live a financially simple life. I’m telling you this because if someone like me can make 5-7 weekly care bags, certainly you could make one a week or even once a month. That once a month care bag you make could bring about something positive for another human being. You could develop a relationship with someone who needs help. You could see the world and your life through a different prism. I’ve gained a valuable perspective making these bags for the last two and a half years, it is completely possible for you to do the same. I care about a lot of you and would love to share this perspective with you all. These six bags represent the 114th week of making and delivering care bags to the homeless of my community of Logan Square, Chicago. I’ve missed a few weekends here and there but its a part of my life. The total is over 629 care bags (113th week), August 30th, 2015., ‪#‎ShareTheCare‬, ‪#‎carebags‬


August 23, 2015

Last weeks care bag delivery brings the total up to 623 care bags made (113th week), August 23th, 2015. I’ve been downloading music libraries to the donated Ipods for the homeless and will be delivering those this weekend., ‪#‎ShareTheCare‬, ‪#‎carebags‬


August 17, 2015

I made 12 care bags for the homeless of Logan Square this week. This brings the total up to 618 on this 112th week, August 17th, 2015. Its been difficult lately finding balance between things I have to do and things I want to do and falling short on both. The care bags didn’t get made for two weeks. I thought I’d make more bags than usual as some way to make up for it and see as many as my homeless friends as possible. Yesterday was difficult; catching up with some disturbing events in the neighborhood while being happy to see eachother. More to come…, ‪#‎ShareTheCare‬,‪#‎carebags‬


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