Community Care Box

Thank you for a very successful campaign for the Community Care Box that will be located at New Wave Coffee, Logan Square.



I am excited to be working with Zack Zulauf, owner of New Wave Coffee, Logan Square.  (2557 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647 (773) 489-0646)  Together we have come up with an exciting idea to benefit our community in the way of a Community Care Box.  The box, located at New will be a drop off point for those that wish to donate clothing/food items or gift cards that will benefit those in need in our community. The box will be designed to display local information/postcards of community events, store donated items as well as a secure slot for gift cards that directly benefit the care bags I make for the homeless of Logan Square.  What we are really excited  about is the box and its donated contents are open to anyone in the community that wants to donate items or PICK UP the items for themselves to deliver to someone in need.  This box will be a vehicle for empathy, not just to donate items but to also give access to others that want to share in acts of kindness.  It is our hope this box will be a bright example for others and spawn similar boxes everywhere.  There will be accompanying literature, website information located at the box to further illustrate the idea and supply more information about how people can get more involved in their community.  I’m confident just the presence of this box will  give people ideas about getting more involved in their community and thoughts of empathy for others.  I think of this Community Care Box as an art piece for many reasons, but mostly for the thoughts and reactions it could evoke in the people around it.  Thank you everyone for the constant support.  Should the amount raised go over the goal, the funds will go directly into the Care Bags for the homeless.  Visit New Wave Coffee!

New Wave Coffee, home of the new Community Care Box

New Wave Coffee, home of the new Community Care Box

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