Clothing drive held at Brunzie’s, Indiana, PA

Clothing drive held at Brunzie's, Indiana, PA

What a great turnout for winter wear for those in need. All it takes is a little positive energy from friends and the community and great things can happen. The donations included, 20 pairs of gloves, 32 hoodies/sweat shirts, 3 thermals, 35 hats, 34 scarves, 42 baseball caps, 29 heavy winter coats, 44 lighter weight coats, 27 children’s coats, 10 pairs of boots/shoes, 95+ t-shirts, 4 sleeping bags, 13 blankets, 35 pairs of pants, 45+ misc. shirts, socks, etc. Big thank you to the support of my hometown, Indiana, PA as well as Julie, Lisa and Brunzies for the help and kindness. Julie and Lisa will be distributing most of the clothing within the local community.

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